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Parent's Corner

            I think involving parents about academic concern is an important element in student success. If a student is struggling with the content of my class, I will reach out to his or her parent via a phone call. I feel as if this form of communication is more personal and allows me to have an active conversation with the parent. It also provides an opportunity to show how much I care for each student and allows me to discuss any positive aspects about the student. Behavioral concerns will be communicated to parents through a phone call or email. In addition, I think it is also important to reach out to parents when students are behaving appropriately.

            I think parent involvement is crucial for a successful choral program. In addition to open communication about academic and behavioral concerns, communication must be present to discuss class expectations. One expectation is to attend all rehearsals and performances. Many of these performances, and some rehearsals take place outside of the normal classroom meeting time. It is so important for each student to participate in all choral activities. Parental support in fundraising, organization, and other tasks is greatly appreciated, but without a relationship with parents, those things cannot function effectively.