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1. Students will enter the room calmly and quietly.

2. Students will have a pencil at all times in rehearsals. Every day. No excuse!

3. Music folders are kept in the filing cabinet near the entrance of the choir room. Please place them in the appropriate spot once you have been dismissed.

4. Each student will pick up their assigned music folder as they enter the choir room.

5. Students will stand in assigned spots on the choir risers.

6. Students will keep cellphones and all electronic devices off (not on vibrate or silent) and in their bags or lockers. Cellphones should stay out of the rehearsal.

7. If you have a comment or question, feel free to raise your hand. Other students may have the same question! I will call on you. Please wait to be called on before speaking.

8. Please take care of personal matters, such as the restroom, before class. If it is an emergency, let me know so I can accommodate. However, it truly needs to be an emergency. You cannot learn if you are not in class.

9. If you missed a day—YES! You missed something, and it was important! Please see the make-up assignment folder next to my desk. It contains make-up work for you to do. If you have any questions concerning the assignment, please let me know! I want you to succeed!

10. Make-up assignments are due two class days after your absence. (If you missed Monday, the assignment is due on Wednesday. If you missed Thursday, the assignment is due on Monday.)

11. No late make-up assignments will be accepted.

12. When we perform outside of the choir room, responsible behavior is expected. This is something we will practice during the first couple of weeks of school. It is important for us to represent our school and our program to the best of our abilities.

13. When the bell rings, please wait to be dismissed. Otherwise, you may miss important announcements!

14. Pencils should be sharpened before class. It is a good idea to have a backup, just in case!

15. If you are tardy, please bring a note. You WILL miss something important if you are not in class.

16. All food (including gum) and drinks need be kept elsewhere or thrown away when you walk into the choir room. Water (with a secured lid) is allowed. You are encouraged to bring water to rehearsal to maintain your vocal health.

17. Upon entering the choir room at the beginning of class, please quietly work on the Daily Assignment. Warm-ups will begin three minutes after the bell rings. 

18. We should always respect other sections. Chatting or being disruptive while another section is singing is disrespectful. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

19. Backpacks, bags, purses, instruments, and any other personal items should be placed behind the choir risers and remain there during the entirety of the class. All you need on the risers is your music folder, a pencil (or two!), and water.

20. Remember to maintain a positive, respectful attitude at all times. If you are having a rough day or you are upset about something, we can use our time together to focus on the good. Music is powerful. Let it brighten your day!