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(Click the picture to hear a midi of our show)

Come see us each

Friday night during

halftime of the varsity

football game.

This show explores four different “Realms of Magic”.  We open with “Sorcery

which starts slowly featuring a mysterious flute solo but quickly morphs into a

dark and driving opening section.  Next, we explore the world of romance with

Love Potion”, a haunting ballad that can feature some soloists.  Suddenly, we

enter the realm of “Voodoo” done in the style of a tribal dance featuring

dissonant sounds and driving percussion.  We finish with the realm of “White

Magic”, a bright finale section with some lively woodwind interludes that builds

to a glorious conclusion.

(From the composer, Barry Hurt)

Director: Chris Rackley
Assistants: Allison Johnston & Benjamin Monk

Drum Majors: Hillary Bermea & Airam Chavez

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