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Congratulations to Chief Edgar Guererro, 2015 THSPA State Champion! Edgar won his second consecutive state title on Saturday, March 28, 2015, at the Taylor County Coliseum in Abilene. Edgar squatted 760 lbs, bench pressed 455 lbs, and deadlifted 675 lbs, for a total of 1,890 lbs, a new personal and school record.

Edgar deadlifting 675 lbs at State Meet

2015 Schedule


10th — Bovina — Chieftains & Squaws — 9:00 AM (Chiefs 3rd Place, Squaws 5th Place)

  *Edgar Guerrero-1st Place SHW, Outstanding Lifter at Heavy Racks
   *Chelsie Gomez-1st Place 114s
   *Juan Macias-Martinez-2nd Place 148s
   *Lupita Hernandez-3rd Place 181s
   *Rene Rodriguez-4th Place 181s
   *Juan Samarron-4th Place 198s
   *Claudia Correa-4th Place 97s
   *Andrea Juarez-4th Place 148s
   *Salma Escamilla-4th Place 165s

17th — Plainview — Chieftains & Squaws — 9:00 AM (Chiefs 3rd Place, Squaws 6th Place)

   *Luis Trejo-1st Place 132s
   *Chelsie Gomez-2nd Place 123s
   *Rene Rodriguez-2nd Place 181s
   *Lily Meza-2nd Place 165s
   *Claudia Correa-3rd Place 97s
   *Juan Macias-Martinez-4th Place 148s
   *Juan Samarron-5th Place 198s

24th — OPEN

31st — Dimmitt — Chieftains & Squaws — 9:00 AM (Chiefs 2nd Place, Squaws 3rd Place)

   *Juan Samarron-1st Place  198s
   *Josie Samarron-1st Place 132s
   *Andrea Juarez-1st Place 148s
   *Joel Cigarroa-2nd Place 181s
   *Luis Rodriguez-2nd Place 181s
   *Claudia Correa-2nd Place 97s
   *Chelsie Gomez-2nd Place 123s
   *Lupita Hernandez-2nd Place 181s
   *Mario Hernandez-3rd Place 114s
   *Juan Macias-Martinez-3rd Place 148s
   *Alvaro Gardea-4th Place 165s
   *Issac Summerlin-5th Place 198s



7th — Dalhart —  9:00 AM (Squaws 3rd Place)

   *Chelsie Gomez-1st Place 123s
   *Edgar Guerrero-1st Place SHW
   *Josie Samarron-2nd Place 132s
   *Andrea Juarez-2nd Place 148s
   *Lupita Hernandez-2nd Place 181s
   *Claudia Correa-3rd Place 97s
   *Salma Escamilla-5th Place 165s


14th — Levelland — Chieftains Only — 9:00 AM

   *Mario Hernandez-4th Place 97s
   *Juan Samarron-5th Place 198s


21st — Seagraves — Squaws Only — 9:00 AM (Girl’s Last Chance to Qualify for Regional Meet)

Runner-Up Team (Tied for 1st, moved down on tie-breaker)
*Chelsie Gomez-1st Place 123s
*Salma Escamille-1st Place 165s
*Claudia Correa-2nd Place 105s
*Lupita Hernandez-2nd Place 181s
*Andrea Juarez-3rd Place 148s
*Josie Samarron-4th Place 132s
*Perla Trevino-4th Place 165s

28th — Friona — Chieftains Only — 9:00 AM (Boy’s Last Chance to Qualify for Regional Meet)

Team Champions
*Mario Hernandez-1st Place 114s
*Luis Trejo-1st Place 132s
*Edgar Guerrero-1st Place SHW
*Juan Macias-Martinez-2nd Place 148s
*Juan Samarron-2nd Place 198s
*Joel Cigarroa-3rd Place 181s
*Luis Rodriguez-4th Place 198s
*Guillermo Quintana-5th Place 198s
*Issac Summerline-5th Place 220s



6th — Mertzon — THSWPA Reg. 1 Girl’s Regional Meet — 9:00 AM (Friday meet)
            @ Irion County H.S.: Friday
Squaws Lifting
Claudia Correa - 105s  (6th Place finish at Regional Meet)
*Chelsie Gomez - 123s (8th Place finish at Regional Meet)
*Josie Samarron - 132s ALT
*Salma Escamilla - 165s ALT

*Lupita Hernandez - 181s ALT

14th — Sundown — THSPA Reg. 1 Boy’s Regional Meet — 9:00 AM  
          @ Sundown H.S.: Saturday
Chiefs Lifting
*Luis Trejo - 132s
(3rd Place finish at Regional Meet, Alternate to State Meet)
*Rene Rodriguez - 181s (6th Place finish at Regional Meet)
*Juan Samarron - 198s (9th Place finish at Regional Meet)
*Edgar Guerrero - SHW (1st Place finish at Regional Meet, #1 Seed at State Meet)
Edgar set three new regional records: Squat 750 lbs, Bench 450 lbs, Total 1,850 lbs. Edgar now owns all four regional records in the SHW class with the three new records and his 2014 Dead Lift record of 675 lbs.

27th – 28thBoy’s State Meet — 9:00 AM
*Edgar Guerrero - SHW: Squat-760, Bench-455 (school record), Deadlift-675, Total-1,890 (school record); 1st Place finish, Back-to-Back State Champion


Edgar Guerrero squatting a regional record 750 lbs

Edgar is also the Division 3, Region 1 record holder in Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, & Overall Total

2014 Season Results:

Chiefs Squaws
Bovina Invitational - 1/11/14 Team Champions: 32 pts. Bovina Invitational - 1/11/14 8th Place: 11 pts.
Abernathy Invitational - 1/25/14 Team Champions: 34 pts. Highland Park Classic - 1/18/14 3rd Place: 19 pts.
Dalhart Invitational - 2/8/14 2nd Place: 36 pts. Bobcat Invitational - 2/1/14 4th Place: 15 pts.
Friona Power Invite - 2/22/14 Team Champions: 43 pts. Dalhart Invitational - 2/8/14 3rd Place: 21 pts.
Reg. 1, Div. 3 Meet - 3/8/14 8th Place: 9 pts. Mustang Invitational - 2/15/14 12th Place: 5 pts.
Division 3 State Meet - 3/23/14 12th Place: 7 pts. Reg. 1, Div. 3 Meet - 2/28/14 Tied 24th: 0 pts.
Chieftain JV
Highland Park Classic - 1/18/14 9th Place: 7 pts. Bobcat Invitational - 2/1/14 7th Place: 9 pts

Friona Power uses the following equipment: