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Required Postings

Required Postings

Accountability – Texas Academic Performance Reports (Education Code 39.362)

Location: Texas Academic Performance Reports 

Accountability  – Performance Rating of the District (Education Code 39.362)

Location: Texas Academic Performance Reports

Accountability  – Summary and Index Information

     High School Summary (

     High School

     High School

System Safeguards

Distinction Designation

Academic Achievement in ELA / Reading

Academic Achievement in Mathmatics

Academic Achievement in Science

Academic Achievement in Social Studies

Accountability –  Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)

     TAPR Glossary, provides definitions, describes methodologies, and lists sources for each tab in the TAPR system.

         TAPR Guidelines,

         TAPR Report

Accountability – School Report Card  (Education Code 39.362)   

Location: Data & Ratings

Accountability – Federal Report Card (Education Code 39.362)

Location: Data & Ratings

Accountability – Accreditation Status (19 Administrative Code §97.1055(f))

          Accreditation Status Matrix

          High School Accreditation

Accountability –  AP Testing for Students: Registration | Opportunities (Education Code, §29.916(c), amended by HB 1844, (80th Legislature))

Location: FISD Website - FHS Website

Accountability – Campus Improvment Plans (7.3.7 State Compensatory Education Audit)

Location: FISD Campus Websites (see our schools)

Accountability – District Improvment Plan (7.3.7 State Compensatory Education Audit)

Location: FISD Website  

Accountability – Graduation Plans  (Education Code 28.02121(b)) House Bill 5: foundation High School Program

Location: Student Handbook Excerpt

Accountability – Campus Turnaround  Plan Meetings (Education Code §TEC 39.107(a-2), 39.107(b), and 39.107(b-1)(4))

Location: TEA - Texas Education Agency

Health – Immunization Awareness (Education Code, §38.019, as amended by HB 1059 (80th Legislature))

Location: Texas Health & Human Services Website 

Health – Safe & Health Schools

Location: TEA - Texas Education Agency

Health – School Health Advisory Council  

Location: FISD Website