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classroom policy





  • Have a fun, positive & safe experience in chemistry 

  • Learn chemistry concepts (TEKS) and apply them to daily life 

  • Obtain lab experience 

  • Leave chemistry saying “I had a good chemistry teacher. I learned a lot & did some cool stuff.” 




Bring to class EVERY day or leave in class baskets 

  • Folder with pockets and brads labeled with:  Chemistry, class period, and your name 

  • pencil or pen (any color) 




You can have the grade you want in chemistry. Know this: 

  • Unit tests - 50% and Daily grades - 50% (problems, worksheets, quizzes) 

  • Lowest daily grade dropped each 6 weeks (0’s not dropped but will be made up!)   

  • Extra credit points offered each 6 weeks which can be added to any low grade not overall average or 10 points can be used for any daily grade. (even 0’s!)  Teacher keeps points in the gradebook all year. You must tell teacher when you want to use points. 

  • Retake tests offered. Talk to teacher to set up a time. 

  • If you don’t understand something in class, ask questions! Ask teacher or other students before leaving class. Don’t wait until test day! 

  • Individual progress reports given to all students in class every 3 weeks. Reports are given 2-5 days before 3 or 6 weeks ends so YOU can PREVENT failure by retaking tests, turning in missing work to get rid of 0’s, or doing extra credit. 




  • Be on time and ready for class when the bell rings 

  • Treat all people and property with respect 

  • Do not disrupt learning 

  • Work hard until all your work is finished 







  • Finished work is placed in folders on Mrs. Osborn’s desk labeled with your class period 

  • If work is finished, remain IN a desk until bell rings 

  • Students sit at lab tables only during lab. Students return to desks after lab. 

  • Only 2-3 people per lab group on 1 side of the lab table 

  • During group work, points may be deducted for not participating or misconduct 

  • Students are allowed to leave class by asking permission, signing out & taking pass 

  • Cheating & copying is not tolerated.   

  • Unsafe lab behavior can result in suspension from lab. (individual or class) 

  • Substitutes are to be treated with respect.  Any misconduct results in detention. 

  • Be prepared for class every day after the bell:   

put up phone, read displayed assignment, get pen or pencil, and get folder  




Major offenses or repeated minor offenses – office referral    

Minor offenses – detention  

Cell phone policy – cell phones will be taken up if interfering with chemistry. Cell phone will be returned at the end of class or turned into office if problem continues. 






Unit 1 Lab Safety 

Unit 8 Stoichiometry 

Unit 2 Matter 

Unit 9 Gases 

Unit 3 Atomic Structure/Periodic Table 

Unit 10 Solutions 

Unit 4 Chemical Bonding 

Unit 11 Reactivity (Redox/Acids & Bases) 

Unit 5 Chemical Formulas 

Unit 12 Thermochemistry 

Unit 6 The Mole 

Unit 13 Nuclear chemistry 

Unit 7 Chemical Reactions 

Unit 14 Chemistry Connections