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science : explore the possibilities

Various projects will be incorporated throughout the year.  Some of the possibilities are listed below.

Barbie/ Action Figure Bungee is back!  This project teaches graphing techniques manually and on the computer and calculator.  It, also,  introduces Hooke’s Law.

Hit the target is an activity that teaches projectile motion and the kinematic equations.  For the weaker students, trial and error is incorporated.  For the stronger student, equations and graphing are found to be accurate and useful.

Rube Goldberg Machine usually occurs at the end of the fall semester.  Potential energy (elastic and gravitational), kinetic energy, the law of conservation of energy, mechanical energy, and other science concepts are utilized.  There is a web page that even has a contest for a Rube Goldberg Machine.  Below is a video of a huge Goldberg machine.

Momentum and the Conservation of Momentum poster is a way artistic and creative talents are used to create a problem to be displayed and solved by other class members.

A car with braking capabilities is used to teach students to follow directions and use mathematical skills to create a car that will travel a specific distance.  Friction and acceleration are covered in this activity.






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