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Friona High School is continuing its detention program. The detention program is designed to keep students in their educational setting as much as possible. Teachers assign their own classroom detention. Administrators will assign after school detention in conjunction with or without issuing “In School Suspension” or “Out of School Suspension” for disciplinary issues.

Teachers will have the authority to issue detention to a student if the student has committed any of the following offense:

· failure to bring classroom materials

· failure to complete homework

· minor classroom disruption

· use of any electronic device; such as but not limited to a paging device, mp3 player, or cellular phone during instructional time (in the classroom)

· mild disrespect toward other students in the classroom


Administrators will assign students to detention as a consequence consistent with the Friona ISD Student Code of Conduct.

Students assigned to detention will report to the designated area. The student will receive a copy of the discipline referral. They must make arrangements for transportation. No one will be excused from their assigned detention unless approved by an administrator. The is a penalty for failing to attend detention on the assigned day.

Students are responsible for being on time to detention 4:00 - 5:15.  It is the student's responsibility to see an administrator to inquire about a detention change. If there is an emergency, the student must contact an administrator to request a change. When scheduling detention for students who work, arrangements can be made to accommodate work schedules if prior notice is given.