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Tardy Policy

FHS Tardy Sweep Program Policy

At Friona High School, as in the work world, we expect our students to be on time to school and to class. Late arrivals disrupt the learning atmosphere for all students in a classroom. Students have 5 minutes between classes, which is more than enough time to get to take care of personal needs and to get to class. This school year, Friona High will be conducting tardy sweeps to help maximize each student’s instructional learning time as well as improving the overall school climate. Teachers will now be able to focus on teaching rather than disciplinary issues than come from students being late.

The Tardy Sweep Program works to encourage all students to be on time doe class and to assist all teachers with reducing the constant interruption that occurs with late student. The program will be conducted everyday after the late bell rings for each class.  Any student out of class will be escorted by the administration and by our faculty aides to class. The teachers will no longer deal with or handle any tardy slips or late students. They will be able to teach as soon as the bell rings. Teachers will not allow students to enter their rooms as we encourage all staff to lock their doors as soon as the bell rings to enhance school safety. With your help, the new Tardy Sweep Program will reduce absenteeism, misbehavior in common areas and free up your time to concentrate on our students in the classroom.

We still want all teachers to help monitor the passing periods and provide positive supervision in the halls, restrooms, and other areas students are in. With a friendly demeanor, talk with the students about why it is important to be on time and encourage the students to try harder in the future. It is critical that we all work together to support this opportunity to help students arrive in the classroom on time and transition to their next class without difficulty.


Repeated instances of tardiness will result in the following disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Number of Tardies to Class

Tardy Sweep Consequences

1st tardy


2nd tardy


3rd tardy

1 detention 

4th tardy

2 detentions 

5th tardy

Saturday School

6th tardy

1 day in ISS

7th tardy

To be determined in a Conference